Benn Godenzi and ICO Syndicate – Exposing

It is important for investors to know that ICO Syndicate is owned by Benn Godenzi (linkedin link). Benn has been running ICO Syndicate for a number of years. More recently, it has been used as a dumping ground for elaborate and sophisticated scams such as Sparkster and other projects which have failed.

Benn Godenzi is paid hundreds of thousands of USD for advisory per project, and then offloads his personal token allocations onto ICO Syndicate to gain immediate liquidity and cash out.

Moreover, Benn has been involved in controversial projects such as Atonomi, where his OTC deal was from DNA Fund. DNA & Benn withheld tokens so that these could be market sold on listing, purchasing them back for just 5% of the cost. Investors received tokens after listing and with a valuation down by 95%. Benn is now involved in a legal suit against DNA Fund due to the fraudulent action of his former partners at DNA, where is he trying to reclaim the USD value of his syndicate’s investment. If you are an investor in Benn’s Atonomi pool call +61294888366 for a refund.

More recently, Benn Godenzi resold Resistance, a project he is advising. Further projects which Benn Godenzi resold include, Sparkster, Chromaway, Edenchain, Crypto Curve.

Benn Godenzi developed a nasty habit of extorting projects after fame got to his head post Wanchain-Aion-Icon Marketing PR Stunt. The projects thus far have had very little interaction. Godenzi started to demand very high bonuses, up to 300-500% in ICO tokens, so that he could resell these via ICO Syndicate on unsuspecting investors. This caused a huge issue with Crypto Curve, as Benn’s private 300% bonus deal was leaked. Benn invested a significant amount of capital into the project, but due to breaking the terms, the team wanted to recall the ICO bonus back. Godenzi got angry and kicked off. Crypto Curve and Godenzi are now entering a legal case against each other, and Godenzi was paid 2-5x return for his equity investment, but Godenzi is not a happy boy. He is sueing for more money because he says he made Crypto Curve successful, not crypto curve.

So far, due to Benn Godenzi not getting his way, he condemned and criticised the projects which did not pay him more money, these include Wanchain and Crypto Curve. Benn and his associates have since removed all contacts from these chains and moved to Gochain, where Gochain pay them a healthy amount in equity and tokens regularly to keep them happy. Once this runs out you can expect Benn Godenzi and his associates to kick up a fuss and tarnish the project.

Benn Godenz has also been the organiser of targeted hate campaigns against competitor projects, or projects that he attempts to pitch services to once they are in distress. He organised a targeted FUD campaign against RSK while trying to pitch them services through private communication. Those individuals close to Benn were to be remunerated if RIF labs were to take on services for community management, advisory, shilling, marketing and market making.

FUD rankings are based on a 1-10 score, with each point being worth $100 USD in compensation.

This leak is brought to the community by ex-members of Benn Godenzi’s private groups who have lost thousands due to false and fraudulent promises by Godenzi which never happen. He will take your money and move onto the next project, oh, and he doesn’t pay tax.

In this article, MB Technology, godenzi’s company, state they have helped 2BN USD worth of ICO projects –

Benn has been paid tens of millions of Dollars to promote scams, both elaborate and simple, ICO projects to thousands of investors, shilling the project and securing the best terms for his whale investors, while they go on to resell to OTC groups and dump on listing. He has created a polluted ecosystem around him which will one day come back to great him once the dust is settled and you will know by now that he is a massive scammer, all round asshole and a con artist